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BRING IDEAS TO LIFESipa’s long experience in photojournalism allows us to bring a deeper dimension to corporate, commercial, industrial and lifestyle photography.

Our teams will coordinate photo-shoots and/or videos and work with you throughout the entire creative process through post-production to accurately communicate your corporate identity branding for company websites, advertising and brochures or annual report.

With photographers and creatives in over 70 countries around the world, we will find a content creator to fit your budget.

Our corporate clients have included, among others, the Cannes Film Festival, Longines, Danone, Roland Garros, Sephora, Orange, RTL, France Televisions, Women’s Forum, government ministries.

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Sipa’s long experience in photojournalism allows us to bring a deeper dimension to corporate photography

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Sipa is constantly developing innovative portrait photography

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SIPA, major photo projects editor

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